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PSU (Power Supply)
Case / Cabinet

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3D Modelling & Design
Video Editing
Illustrations / Graphics

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Confused about buying a PC or Laptop or have been wanting to build/assemble a PC that fits your needs?

Welcome aboard this little venture focused on helping out Architects (students and practicing), designers, content creators and Gamers to help them decide and assist in selecting their PC (laptop/desktop) or workstation or even build one! Oh and there exists a forum should you need help with something related and for discussions. You can also use the chat button found at the corner of the page to instantly ask questions and receive replies at the earliest. 

Go ahead, start from the buying guides in the menu or click here for direct link to Laptop Buying Guides (for designers and Architects). If you're clueless about what to look for in a PC, you can head on to the forums and read the first post. 

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