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Readme.txt (please!)

This project has been developed to act as a quick buying guide for PC builders. The above-mentioned specifications are true to our knowledge and are almost always referred from the official product specification from the manufacturer's website. While the data provided is true to the best of our knowledge, you may (and you should) consider reading reviews of a particular product that may have caught your interest (with the help of our page).


Disclaimer: Unbox Paradigm is completely reader supported and offers an ad free experience. We wish to continue the same way as well.. and hence some products found on this page contain affiliate links as part of the Amazon and mdcomputers Affiliate programs. For every qualifying purchase, we may earn a small compensation. So, If you find our content helpful, please do consider buying through the above links and help us continue doing what we do :).  

The above product feed is compiled from Amazon, mdcomputers, primeabgb, vedant and RPtech as of now and more products will be added from various sellers over time. The stock availability and pricing data is programmed to be automatically retrieved but the retrieval is NOT real-time and hence it is advised to visit the respective seller to confirm availability and pricing.  The page is periodically updated every couple hours to retrieve the said data. An avg. FPS and FPS/price may also be included in the coming days after considering the feasibility of the same.

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