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Choose your weapon of choice. 

+ Portability

+ Performance gap between desktops have greatly reduced over the years

+ Portability again because at today's age, performance on the go is very essential.

+ Lower power consumption


- Generally at higher costs as compared to a desktop PC

- Lower upgrade and configuration options

Ideal for creators on the go, students, architects (with portability as a priority), and for anyone who is looking for that extra convenience of portability. 

+ Offers more performance than a laptop at similar price point 

+ Much higher headroom for upgrades along the way with almost every component easily capable of being swapped out or upgraded

+ More options for customization and configuration 

- Not portable

- Higher power consumption

Ideal for creators who require the best of performance without spending a fortune of their budget on a laptop, rendering workstations, servers, users who do not leave their desk frequently.  

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