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We, at Unbox Paradigm haven't figured everything we are going to do with it, but then who has. However, we do have a certain goal to meet. To simply do best what we do, uh.. which can't exactly be summarized into a word. So here goes a list,

1. Buying guides*. We help you out in taking the hard decisions by doing the necessary research which involves hundreds of hours of reading blogs, reviews, articles, and other boring stuff to keep ourselves updated with the latest tech in the market and to have an understanding of what would work best for you. Currently we are focused on Laptops, PC components and pre-built PCs for regular work use and for workstations.


*Currently, the buying guides are available only on the basis of price but soon will include an option to sort products based on the usage. Rest assured, all products recommended are guaranteed to work for Architects. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the price bracket, better is the performance offered.


Rest of this list is being contemplated upon at the moment.

2. Reviews. Extensive and Unbiased reviews of Laptops, PC components and peripherals, Pre built PCs, Smartphones and probably monitors. This is still in the planning stage and we are not sure about moving forward with this. Either we might expand the website to include those or start a YouTube Tech channel. 

3. Building Guides. Personally, the most exciting aspect for us. But it is an elaborate project and one that we look forward to. So we will see. 

At Unbox Paradigm, we are really passionate about what we do, that's why this site exists and does what it does. If you're wondering how we ended up with the name, it was after a lot of pondering, deliberating and brainstorming that we decided we couldn't come up with anything that entirely convinced us to stop looking at new names. So, we settled with something that was mostly related to what we were doing or simply felt good enough to be branded as a website. We did come close to some other names that we found to be interesting but someone already had come up with it and hence couldn't use it for obvious reasons - Identity theft isn't a joke. Millions of families suffer every year.       

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