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Laptop buying guide

What to look out for?

Minimum specification

CPU : Core i5 10th gen H-series

/Ryzen 5 4rd gen H-series

GPU : 4 GB graphics card 

RAM : 8 GB

Recommended specification

CPU : Core i7 11th gen H-series / Ryzen 5/7 5000 U/H-series

GPU : 6 GB graphics card 

RAM : 16 GB

Content creators

Minimum specification

CPU : Core i7 10th gen H-series

/Ryzen 5 4th gen H-series

GPU : 6 GB graphics card 

RAM : 16 GB

Recommended specification

CPU : Core i7/i9 11th gen H-series

/Ryzen 7/9 5000 H/HS-series

GPU : 6 GB graphics card or higher 

RAM : 32 GB


All mentioned minimum and recommended specifications are for your consideration. However, you may also decide based on your budget. All options recommended are with respect to recommended hardware for major software used in Architectrure and design industry.  

Entry level


Minimum specifications required to meet the necessary requirements of an Architectural program. Ideal only for students. 

Mid end

Students | Semi-Pro

For small-med level projects. Recommended for students and professionals dealing with less detailed/low area projects.

upper mid end 

Students | Pro

Best value segment to start with for students and professionals. May offer excellent performance but at the expense of certain features. - Highly recommended 

Editor's pick for best value

high end

Students | Pro | Creators

Offers overall performance and doesn't cut much corners. Decent balance between features and performance.

upper high end

Students | Pro | Creators

Offers some of the best all-round performing laptops. Portability / performance / features - All in one. 



Pro | Creators

Best CPU performance that you can get on a laptop. Some of the best GPUs can also be found in this segment. Beyond this price range, value declines steeply. 

Editor's pick for best performance on a budget



Pro | Creators

For professionals who need workstation level performance with at least the next best thing out there if not the best. Generally halfway between value and best performance. It is advised to either select the above or below segment for better value or better performance respectively.



Pro | Creators

For professionals who need the best performance out there on the go. Enthusiast level performance for those with no price budget limitations 

For convenience, this segment has been merged with the rest of the offerings worth considering at higher price tags.

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