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2023 Coupons for Laptops from Lenovo Store! July 2023 | India

About to check out your purchase from Lenovo store and decided to google for coupon codes? I hope this page shows up on your search results because here are a few ways to shave a few thousand Rs off your new purchase. This is applicable for ANY purchase from Lenovo store and not just laptops.

COUPON CODES for Lenovo Store Online (India)

Verified working coupon codes as of 25th July 2023. Coupon Valid Until 31st August 2023.

Coupon Code

Order category



For order value more than Rs 70,000

Rs 3,500 off


For order value less than Rs 70,000

Rs 1,750 off


For all Custom laptop orders

Flat 3% Discount! (this is about Rs 4,500 off on your custom order worth Rs 1,50,000

By using the above coupons, not only do you get good discounts, but you also support us by using our exclusive coupons provided to us by Lenovo. We would be highly grateful for your support and you can always reach out to us for free laptop-buying consultations through any of our social media handles provided at the bottom of this page.

Also, remember to check out bank offers on the Lenovo Online store. Credit card cashback offers often require no coupon code to be applied. If this is a big purchase, we would also suggest getting that warranty extension and ADP for some peace of mind (These are usually much cheaper when bought during the purchase of the product).

If you have used any of our coupon codes, thank you for supporting us! You help us in reducing ads on our website.


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